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Class Description

Intro to Agility

During these series of classes, you will learn bonding, body awareness and impulse control games to play with your dog. The final sessions will focus on target training and drawing the path for your dog to navigate through cones, hoops, gates, and around barrels.

Pre­requisites for this class include a solid recall, sit/stay, and you must be able to walk your dog on leash around other people and dogs without showing any signs of aggression.

Beginner Agility

At the class level your dog will be introduced to all equipment. You will start learning skills such as a front cross, rear cross, and lead out. By the end of these series of classes, you and your dog will be introduced to discriminations (in/out commands) and be able to perform short sequences.

Intermediate Agility

Teams at this class level will start to learn blind crosses, improve on distance, and become more familiar with discriminations (in/out commands).

By the end of this session your dog will be able to perform weaves without guides and perform a full sequence.

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