Here are the questions I hear the most, and my answers.  If you have questions, not addressed here, feel free to send me a message through the contact form.

What Are ‘Dog Sports’?
Agility, barn hunt, nose work, freestyle, conformation, dock diving, flyball, herding, and obedience training are just some of many activities you can participate in with your dog.

How Do I Get Started?
Before starting agility or any other dog sport, your dog should understand some basic obedience commands and have a solid recall. Useful commands include: sit, stay, come, and down. If you and your dog have these commands in your toolbox, see the contact page to get started!

What Breed of Dog Do I Need?
Any breed and any size dog can get involved in dog sports. Just as with people, make sure your dog is healthy before beginning any strenuous activity. Giant breeds may be susceptible to bone or joint issues. Many times there are modified options for young or senior dogs.

Can I Get Started At Home?
There are many tricks and games that can be practiced safely at home. Contact me today for an in-home lesson.

How Do I Pay You?
You can pay via check, cash or PayPal for the class you’d like to sign up for.