Indoors or Outdoors


With the weather ever present and seemingly getting more uncooperative, the decision to hold events inside or outside is taking a front seat in the planning of events.

Indoors or Outdoors2017-04-02T11:16:44-06:00

You Can Do It!


Success takes time.  No one gets to the next level without a lot of work, training, and practice.

You Can Do It!2017-03-31T20:35:56-06:00

Injuries Will Happen


No matter how careful we are, or how in shape we might be, injuries will happen.  Either to us or to our dogs.

Injuries Will Happen2017-03-31T20:30:41-06:00

Favorite Part of Agility


Someone asked me, recently, what my favorite part of dog agility is.  Wow, that's a tough one!

Favorite Part of Agility2017-03-31T20:30:25-06:00
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