Dock Diving Sneak Peek


We held a special, sneak peek, at the dock diving pool this past weekend. Twelve dogs brought their humans and had so much fun! Take a look at the photos, taken by Jill Gibbs. (click a photo to make it larger)

Dock Diving Sneak Peek2022-02-14T02:35:37-07:00

The Pool Is In!


The pool is in and will soon be ready.  We spent this past weekend, setting it up and filling it.  I'll keep you updated as we move forward.  

The Pool Is In!2017-04-10T16:45:04-06:00

Sensitive Skin? Options For Your Little Stinker.


All dogs are not created equal.  Keep that in mind when you set out for the bath tub with your K9. The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It has several important roles and when it's not functioning quite right, the whole body suffers.  Let's take a look at some of the more

Sensitive Skin? Options For Your Little Stinker.2017-04-06T19:07:41-06:00

What Motivates Your K9 Partner?


All dogs are motivated by something.  Is it food, toys, praise or something else? In researching this subject I came across an article that perfectly explains everything I wanted to say, about this!  Rather than reinventing the wheel, I've posted the article here, for your ease of use. Motivation is used in all of the

What Motivates Your K9 Partner?2017-04-06T19:21:23-06:00
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