Barn Hunt is a dog sport based on the traditional role of many dog breeds to rid farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of vermin. Most people participate in Barn Hunt for fun but the sport also provides breeders an opportunity to test proper working traits in their dogs. During a hunt, the dog and handler are attempting to find one or more rats (safely enclosed in an aerated tube) hidden in a maze of straw bails. For a qualifying score at an event, the dog must also execute a successful climb (all 4 feet on a straw bail) and go through a straw tunnel in addition to finding the rat. The event is timed with different levels and height divisions. Any breed or any size dog can compete in barn hunt as long as they can fit in an 18 inch wide x bale height tunnel. Barn hunt trials may be held indoors or outdoors in an enclosed ring. The key to a successful hunt is the handler’s ability to understand the dog’s signal once they have found the rat. Each dog hunts differently. Signals include but are not limited to a bark, ear perk, or pawing at the rat tube. Barn hunt titles are recognized by both AKC and UKC. This is a great sport for older dogs and older people too! Tripod dogs are even allowed to compete as well as deaf dogs. Billings K9 Coaching offers barn hunt lessons, workshops, ring rentals and trials throughout the year.

Photo of Barn Hunt